Industry Track

Date: 17 th June
Time: 13:30 to 15:30 CET

The industry event will be a 2 hours session including the following components:

  1. Presentation of the 4 accepted papers
  2. Panel discussion: the opportunities research- industry collaboration
  3. R&D Industry pitches and meet and greet

The event will partially be co-hosted by the Dutch month of AI & Education which is organized SURF and the NL AI coalition. For this particular even the local Edtech community in Utrecht will be approached by the hub FOM Midden-Nederland. The communication will be shared in broader channels in the Netherland and the event will be opened up for registered AIED participants and registered participants in the Dutch AI & Education month.

Detailed program

13:30 Presentation of the 4 accepted papers

  • Jung Hoon Kim, Jineon Baek, Chanyou Hwang, Chan Bae and Juneyoung Park. Condensed Discriminative Question Set for Reliable Exam Score Prediction.
  • Jinglei Yu, Jiachen Song, Yu Lu and Shengquan Yu. Back to the Origin: An Intelligent System for Learning Chinese Characters.
  • c. Jeffrey Matayoshi, Eric Cosyn and Hasan Uzun. Evaluating the Impact of Research-Based Updates to an Adaptive Assessment.
  • Stephen Fancsali, Martina Pavelko, Josh Fisher, Leslie Wheeler and Steven Ritter. Scaffolds and Nudges: A Case Study in Learning Engineering Design Improvements

14:30 Panel discussion: the opportunities research- industry collaboration (30 minutes)


profile picture

Inge Molenaar

Radboud University, The Netherlands

Steve Ritter

Carnegie Learning, USA

Panel members

Christophe Speroni

Bettermarks, Germany

Derek Lomas, PhD

CEO Playpower Labs, Inc & Assistant Professor Human-Centered Design, Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Jason Juneyoung Park, PhD

(주)뤼이드 I Riiid! Inc., Korea

This panel addresses examples of how research and industry R&D can reinforce each other. Especially the new developments around “learning engineering” are addressed. The panel discusses this trend from an industry and research perspective. Followed by the discussion how this interaction can be improved.

15:00 Industry pitches and meet & greet session

We ask industry to sign up for 1 minute firehose pitches about their products and when they have questions pose them to AIED researchers. After pitches there is a Meet&Greet in GatherTown to further support discussion between industry & researchers.

Below the proposed order for the pitches. The session will be moderated by Inge Molenaar (Associated professor, Radboud University, The Netherlands) and Steve Ritter (founder of Carnegie Learning, USA). 


Order of the pitches

We will give the floor to different companies that have signed up to pitch their AIED questions in one minute to our international researchers


Peter Boon Numworx


Michiel Hulsbergen DialogueTrainer


Arjan Egges Quarterfall


Arjan Dost Young-Coders


Jaap Koelewijn Helpr


Martijn Slob, Algebrakit 


Jeroen Munck, Squla en WRST


Jorieke Willems, Gynzy


Jeroen Wijk, schoolschrijver


Steve Ritter, Carnegie Learning

After the pitches 

We open breakout rooms per pitch to discuss further